IPL for Vascular Conditions

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment can be used to treat a range of vascular problems including Rosacea, spider or thread veins, broken veins and other red spots and lesions, leaving you with brighter, clearer looking skin. It offers excellent results and fast treatment times with minimal or no downtime.

This non-invasive treatment can be used on the face, nose and cheeks as well as the neck and chest and works by heating the blood vessel or vessels being treated until they close and are destroyed.

IPL treatment generates a broad spectrum of light that heats the dermal tissue without damaging the outer epidermal layers of the skin. The IPL treatment produces a natural reaction in the body that breaks down and removes marks and skin imperfections. The treatment can dramatically increase collagen production, tone and improve the elasticity of the skin.


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Disclaimer: Please be aware that results and benefits may vary from patient to patient taking into consideration factors such as age, lifestyle and medical history.

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Treatment Overview

Time required for treatment

Usually a single treatment will last for 5-20 minutes, but this will vary according to the number and the size of veins or lesions being treated.

Time until results seen

Full results may be achievable in 1 -5 treatments, although times may vary from patient to patient.

Treatment longevity

Treatment results are long-term, but it is possible that new veins or lesions may occur.

Number of treatments required

This will vary according to the condition being treated. We will usually recommend between 3 and 5 treatments for maximum results.

Anaesthetic Required


Prices from

£Test Patch £35.00 Treatment from £250.00


If you have further questions about this treatment, please call us on
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How does this IPL treatment work?

IPL works by firing an intense spectrum of light onto the skin. The light is absorbed by oxyhemoglobin in the blood vessels, which then close up and are destroyed. The body naturally disposes of the vessels, leaving no sign of the vein, spot or lesion being treated.


What happens during my IPL treatment?

A layer of chilled gel will be applied to your skin. The IPL applicator is then placed on the skin and releases short pulses of light on the area being treated. The chilled gel is then removed and the area cooled. We will ask you to wear protective eyewear during treatment.


Will I feel any pain or side effects?

This treatment may cause some mild discomfort, most often described as a short, hot pinprick. However, no anaesthetic is required and treatment times are usually very quick. Your skin may be red or slightly inflamed following treatment but this will subside, full aftercare will be given.


Who is this IPL treatment suitable for?

This treatment is suitable for almost everyone over 18 and is best suited to those with fair skin. It is not suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What our patients say

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that results and benefits may vary from patient to patient taking into consideration factors such as age, lifestyle and medical history.