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Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Kings Hill, Kent

To rejuvenate hands and help restore and refresh the skin, we will usually recommend a combination of fillers, mesotherapy and chemical peels. Fillers enable us to give fullness to areas where troughs have appeared or where the skin is sagging.

Mesotherapy will be used if your skin is crepey, and we will recommend the use of chemical peels if your hands have developed brown spots. Each treatment will be tailored to the specific condition of your hands and will be discussed and agreed during your consultation.

The benefits of hand rejuvenation include:
– Replenish and restore the look of hands
– Increased confidence in day-to-day life
– Youthful appearance
– Immediate long-lasting results
– Non-surgical procedure that is minimally invasive
– Patients only experience a slight discomfort

The journey to smooth and plump skin is different for each individual and this involves selecting the right combination of fillers, mesotherapy and chemical peels on a case-by-case basis.


If you want to find out more about our hand rejuvenation or to book an appointment, get in touch with the Illuminate Skin Clinic in Kings Hill, Kent, today for an initial consultation with one of our hand rejuvenation specialists.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that results and benefits may vary from patient to patient taking into consideration factors such as age, lifestyle and medical history.

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Treatment Overview

Time required for treatment

From 30 minutes for an individual treatment

Time until results seen

From 1 week onwards

Treatment longevity

This will depend on the treatment given. Chemical peels may provide long-term results. Fillers should usually be reviewed 12 months after treatment and mesotherapy treatment will usually last for 6-9 months

Number of treatments required

Treatment should be reviewed after 6-9 months, in line with your treatment plan

Anaesthetic Required


Prices from



If you have further questions about this treatment, please call us on
0330 1331 272


How does Hand Rejuvenation work?

We will recommend the combination of treatments best suited to meet your objectives and based on the condition of your hands.  Treatments will usually include some or all of fillers, mesotherapy and chemical peels, to add volume, rejuvenate tired skin, and remove wrinkles or brown spots.


What happens during my Hand Rejuvenation treatment?

You will usually be sitting in an upright position during treatment, sometimes with your hand resting on the knee to provide stability.  If fillers are being used, you may be asked sit on your hands for a short period of time to help mould and massage the filler into place.


Will I feel any pain or side effects?

Some bruising may occur and you may feel mild discomfort.  Peeling or flaking of the skin on your hands will occur when chemical peels are being used.


Who is suitable for Hand Rejuvenation?

Hand rejuvenation treatment is suitable for anyone with troughs in their hands, crepey skin, pigmentation or brown spots, or other signs of ageing in this area.

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that results and benefits may vary from patient to patient taking into consideration factors such as age, lifestyle and medical history.

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