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Emsella, Urinary Incontinence Treatment, West Malling, Kent

Emsella offers a highly effective, non-invasive solution for individuals of all ages, both women and men, who seek to address urinary incontinence and enhance their intimate life. Various factors, such as natural ageing, childbirth, or menopause, can lead to a weakening of the pelvic floor muscles, resulting in urinary incontinence and reduced satisfaction in intimate experiences. It is important to prioritise pelvic floor health regardless of age.

The Emsella Chair has received FDA approval as a treatment option. It employs (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) frequencies to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles deeply to strengthen weakened pelvic floor muscles, restore bladder control, and eradicate urinary incontinence for good.

In just one session, Emsella induces thousands of contractions similar to Kegel exercises, effectively training the muscles without requiring any exertion. Extensive scientific research reveals that 95% of individuals with incontinence experienced significant improvements in their daily lives, and an 85% improvement in overall intimate satisfaction was observed.

Understanding urinary incontinence 

Urinary incontinence refers to the unintentional release of urine, often caused by weakened pelvic floor muscles. These muscles play a crucial role in supporting pelvic organs and maintaining continence. There are three distinct types of urinary incontinence:

  • Stress incontinence: This occurs when pressure is exerted on the bladder, leading to urine leakage. Common triggers include coughing, laughing, sneezing, or physical exercise.
  • Urge incontinence: Characterised by sudden and intense urges to urinate frequently, often resulting in involuntary leakage.
  • Mixed incontinence: This type involves a combination of both stress and urge incontinence.

Various physiological changes, such as vaginal delivery, menopause, and the natural ageing process, can contribute to the development of urinary incontinence by causing a decline in the strength of pelvic floor muscles. And, for many sufferers of incontinence, when you go out, you may have to plan your day around managing your symptoms, including where the nearest toilet is at all times, whether you have enough pads and what kind of clothes you should wear. It can also stop people from taking part in their hobbies and the things they enjoy doing, like sports and social activities.

Strengthening these muscles is essential for symptom improvement and with Emsella, you can achieve this quicker and more effectively than ever before.

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that results and benefits may vary from patient to patient taking into consideration factors such as age, lifestyle and medical history.

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Treatment Overview

Time required for treatment

The total treatment time is approximately 30 minutes.

Time until results seen

You may observe improvement after a single session. The results typically continue to improve for several weeks following your treatment and as you move through you course sessions.

Treatment longevity

The clinical studies show that the majority of patients are able to maintain the results 6 months after their treatment series. However, we recommend booking another consultation a few months after your treatments to see if you may benefit from any additional treatments. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is the key to maintain your results in the longer term.

Number of treatments required

Depending on your concerns and treatments goals, it is usually recommended that patients have a course of 6 treatments performed within a 2-3 week time frame.

Anaesthetic Required


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What happens during the treatment?

During treatment, you will remain fully clothed and comfortably seated on the chair device. Intensity of stimulation is increased over the course of treatment and can be controlled as required. You can read or listen to music during treatment. Most patients will require six sessions, scheduled twice weekly.


Who is suitable for treatment?

Women of any age can benefit from Emsella. Emsella is a highly effective treatment for pelvic-floor-related incontinence, with 95% of patients experiencing a noticeable improvement in their symptoms after a course of six sessions. It has also proven effective for the treatment of overactive bladder (urge incontinence). The strengthening of pelvic floor muscles resulting from treatment can lead to an improvement in sexual wellness and intimate relationships and even reduce lower back pain and improve posture.


Does it hurt?

No – with this pelvic floor machine you will experience the sensation of tightening vaginal/pelvic floor muscles during the procedure (these feel like small contractions), but it isn’t at all painful.


Is it safe?

Emsella is FDA cleared, medical CE-marked, and represents the first innovative technology that has been shown in multiple studies to treat incontinence and intimate discomfort. When you come in for a consultation, your practitioner will help you understand exactly how Emsella works and discuss the unique safety profile in detail.

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that results and benefits may vary from patient to patient taking into consideration factors such as age, lifestyle and medical history.
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