Aquagold Fine Touch

Aquagold Fine Touch Treatment Kings Hill, Kent

Aquagold Fine Touch is an innovative new treatment that delivers tailor-made ingredients directly into the skin using a patented, gold-plated micro-injection system. Ingredients are specifically chosen according each patient’s individual condition and might include vitamins, enzymes, growth factors, Botox and fillers or other hyaluronic acid based products to help improve skin hydration, stimulate collagen production and enhance cellular renewal in the upper layers of the skin.

This FDA approved and CE marked treatment is a big favourite with celebrities and Hollywood royalty and can be used to address a wide range of conditions including melasma, pigmentation, acne scarring, large pores, hair loss and fine lines and wrinkles. Aquagold Fine Touch is also an excellent general anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation treatment and has the added benefits of very short treatment times, no downtime and being pain free. It is particularly effective for treating sensitive areas of the face (e.g. around the eyes), which many other microneedling treatments may be unsuitable for.


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Disclaimer: Please be aware that results and benefits may vary from patient to patient taking into consideration factors such as age, lifestyle and medical history.

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Treatment Overview

Time required for treatment

45 minutes per treatment session with 3 treatment sessions usually recommended.

Time until results seen

Initial results will usually be seen after 7 days with further improvement over next 3 months.

Treatment longevity

This will vary according to each patient’s condition and will be advised by your doctor or practitioner at your patient consultation.

Number of treatments required

Usually 3 treatment sessions are recommended, but this may vary according to your condition and desired treatment outcome.

Anaesthetic Required


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How does Aquagold Fine Touch work?

Aquagold Fine Touch delivers multiple micro-injections at once, via 20 gold plated needles that are each finer than a human hair. Unlike many other microneedling treatments, ingredients are delivered directly into the dermis via screw thread needle technology, maximising the effectiveness of each treatment given. The gold needles used reduce the risk of irritation or inflammation to the skin and ingredients can be carefully tailored to each individual patient’s condition.


What happens during my treatment?

Treatment is given in clinic with the patient lying down comfortably and is delivered by your doctor or practitioner using the hand-held Aquagold Fine Touch applicator. Each treatment session usually take only 10 minutes.


Will I feel any pain or side effects?

You should feel no pain during your treatment. Occasionally, some patients may experience some redness around the treatment area following treatment but this will soon disappear.


Who is this treatment suitable for?

Aquagold Fine Touch is suitable for all skin types. Patients must be over 18 years old.

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that results and benefits may vary from patient to patient taking into consideration factors such as age, lifestyle and medical history.
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