Patient Threadlift Story

Maggie Martin Threadlift Patient Story

Earlier this year I was at rock bottom and very depressed. I was constantly making excuses as I just did not want to go out, because I felt I looked old and aged quickly.

I did my research and I came across Illuminate Skin Clinic. I wanted to do something to improve my self-confidence but knew I did not want to “go under the knife”. I watched Dr Sophie’s videos, and the Non-Surgical Thread Lifting treatment really got me thinking. I spoke to my daughter and she said she would take me to the free consultation at the clinic. I made the appointment and on meeting Dr Sophie she immediately put me at ease. She came across very caring and I found myself completely relax while she was explaining the treatment and outcome. I had some time to think and decided to make the appointment to have threads placed on the left hand side of my face. My left cheek was the first thing I looked at every morning in the mirror, I felt it was ruling my life.

On the day of my treatment Dr Sophie ran through the procedure step by step so I was fully aware of what to expect. The local anesthetic injection stung and that is really all I felt. Dr Sophie inserted two threads in and I went home feeling very optimistic of the outcome. At my follow up, I had a further two threads and a small amount of filler. As time went on the results just kept improving and after a few weeks my cheek was plumping out nicely. Much to my surprise, throughout the entire procedure I did not find myself in any discomfort.

I went on holiday with my friends in June and saw Dr Sophie on my return. She was very pleased with the results and said I was welcome to contact her anytime. I can honestly say that my confidence is back! I would highly recommend this treatment and the clinic. I would go back whenever I needed help or advice. The whole experience has made me treat my skin with more care. It doesn’t matter what age you are, make an appointment now you wont regret it! Thank you Dr Sophie and Ellie for giving me back my confidence.
Love Maggie xx

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