Many of us dislike the shape of our nose. As such a central feature of the face, small irregularities can be particularly noticeable when we look in the mirror. For some patients surgery will be the only option, but for more minor irregularities we can use dermal filler to augment the shape of the nose. The nose tip can be elevated, the bridge of the nose can be rebuilt, symmetry of small deviations can be improved. We can also use Botox to cause a further lift to the tip of the nose. These techniques can provide an excellent alternative for people who do not want to have a major operation.

Many patients suffer with blackheads and open pores on the nose. A course of chemical peels followed by microdermabrasion can loosen and clear debris to help improve the appearance of this. Thread veins on the nose are very common, and can be difficult to disguise. Thermavein will treat these very effectively. It is also the only treatment available that can target veins on the inside of the nostril, which bother many people.