Many people have visible muscle bands running down their neck, particularly visible when muscles are tensed. Younger people may find this unsightly, but as we age these strong muscles can pull the face downwards enhancing the effect of gravity. Botox directly into these bands can relax them and give the neck a smoother appearance.

Neck area

Loosening of the skin of the neck can be a problem for many people as we age. Threadlifting can be used to stimulate skin tightening in this area to improve its appearance. Platelet-Rich Plasma can also be injected directly into the neck tissue to improve skin quality and also to treat lines running around the neck, sometimes called ‘necklace lines’. Skin Boosters and Microneedling can also improve the appearance of this delicate area.


Many people are very unhappy with the appearance of the area under their chin. This can be due to a combination of fatty tissue and loose skin. Aqualyx dissolves the fat whilst also stimulating some skin tightening, leaving you with a more refined line under the chin. Threadlifting can also be used to stimulate further skin contraction, and can be used alone or in combination with Aqualyx.