Many people suffer with fine vertical lines around the edge of our upper lip. Often nicknamed ‘smoker’s lines’ they are also common in non-smokers, and can look unsightly when lipstick bleeds into them. Using dermal filler we can create a rolled edge to your lip which often treats these very effectively. Cautiously using a very fine filler such as Volbella we can also inject the lines directly without causing the unsightly ‘duck lip’ caused by overfilling.

Threadlifting can also be used to achieve the rolled lip edge and to treat smoker’s lines and provide an excellent alternative for those who prefer to avoid dermal fillers. Botox can also be used in very small doses to help improve this area.


Lip augmentation is an extremely popular treatment. Dermal fillers are used to enhance the definition and volume of the lips. This treatment can be suitable for younger patients who would like bigger lips, or for older patients who would like to restore the fullness they have lost through ageing. Whilst we cannot change the fundamental shape of your lip we can enhance it significantly, to leave you with the smile you desire.

Gummy smiles upset many people who have them. When most people smile you see only the teeth rather than the gum, but in some people the gum can be revealed. Gummy smile correction is a simple and extremely effective treatment using Botox, to help you to feel confident to smile more freely.


Downturned mouth corners are one of the most common complaints we see amongst women over the age of 40. This is due to the effect of gravity pulling the cheeks downwards, and many people feel it makes them look miserable. The mouth corners can be supported with a little dermal filler to give the mouth a happier look. Botox can also be used to relax the muscles responsible for pulling the mouth corners down.