Ellie’s Perfect Peel Diary

Hi I’m Ellie and I am 24 years old. I had always had beautiful skin all through my teens. I then hit 21 years old and began to struggle with adult acne. I became extremely insecure and it developed into having a huge impact on my confidence.

I visited beauty salons for advise and tried every high street brand on the market in attempt to improve my skin. After spending hundreds of pounds of skincare products I began to think nothing could work and it was something I would just have to poke up with. They were mostly oil balancing products, which I thought would work on my congestion and get rid of the excess oil but that wasn’t the case. My background is in beauty, so I thought I had a good understanding of skincare.

Someone had recommended I visit a clinic. I found Illuminate Skin Clinic and met with Dr Sophie. After an emotional consultation, she assured me we could find a solution and one day I would have skin I could be proud of. We chatted through many different options, I decided I wanted to hit it hard. I instantly had confidence in Dr Sophie, she was very approachable and personable. Not to mention very professional. Her kind and sweet manner definitely came across.

I left the clinic with Obagi’s Clenzi Derm System. Clenziderm is a three-step acne treatment with clinically proven benzoyl peroxide to help control adult acne. The first few days my skin was dry and sensitive but as the weeks went on my skin was improving day by day. I was thrilled already and felt extremely positive. I was actually amazed how quickly the results begun to show.

Weekly I visited the skin clinic for Blue Peel Radiances. This Chemical Peel is a Salicylic acid Peel which is mean to be good at getting rid of any excess oil and really help to clear the pores – PERFECT! When Dr Sophie first applied the Blue Peel Radiance Solution it felt nice and warm. Within seconds it started to feel hot, I silently endured it for a couple of minutes and soon it calmed and was over. What I liked about this Peel was that you only experienced micro shedding day 2/3. The peeling/shedding is completely manageable.

Finally! My skin was looking better than ever. I was going to the gym without makeup on which I had never been able to do.
Because I was forever picking my face, acne scarring had now become the issue. I expressed my concerns to Dr Sophie. She talked me through the option of having The Perfect Peel. A deeper peel to what I was used to. I would need to find 6/7 days for down-time as my skin would properly peel. Dr Sophie told me The Perfect Peel combines intense ingredients with effective acids to deliver outstanding results after one treatment. The unique formula of this Peel allows for an increase in lifting of acne scarring. With the results I had already achieved, and never thought I would, I completely trusted Dr Sophie and booked myself in.

The Perfect Peel was non-invasive and relatively pain free treatment. I honestly would recommend this treatment to anyone! My results have been outstanding!

Months down the line as a maintenance I am still using the Clenziderm range with a combination of monthly Blue Peel Radiances and The Advanced Nutrition Programme’s Accumax supplement. All of these are keeping my pesky spots at bay! I am absolutely thrilled that I now have that skin I always wanted and never thought I could have! I urge anyone to steer away from the high street skincare and salon facial. The feels and smell great but do absolutely nothing for skin concerns!

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