Consultation Process

Consultation process

During a consultation with a patient we will discuss a variety of topics such as why does the individual feel they need the treatment and what outcomes are they hoping to achieve. We will also cover medical information such as allergies, intolerances and any previous reactions to treatments. As the professionals it our duty to make sure we believe that the individual is making the right choice for them.

Aside from understanding medical history to make sure there will be no adverse reactions from any medications or surgery, we also need to be sure the patient is psychologically ready. Conditions such as Body Dysmorphia are well understood but if a patient is expecting unrealistic results from their treatment then it won’t go ahead.

Because we want to make sure you get the best treatment for your individual needs, initial consultations with us are free. There is just a £50 deposit required to secure your appointment, but this is fully refundable or redeemable against future treatment.

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